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Last Thursday, a team from SAILD and the conservation department of Deng Deng National Park (PNDD) launched activities linked to the project “Optimizing the conservation of Deng Deng National Park by strengthening the capacities of local communities in agroecological practices”, abbreviated to the OC Deng Deng project.

Those responsible for the project met on April 20, 2023 for a collaborative meeting to ensure the smooth running of the OC Deng Deng project. The main purpose of the meeting was to establish a partnership between SAILD and PNDD’s conservation department, and to gain a clear understanding of what the project’s success should look like. It should be noted that the conservation department is the main player in monitoring and controlling the Deng Deng protected area. It plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of the PNDD through awareness-raising activities with local populations and patrols. In general terms, the workshop focused on the development of an action plan for the OC Deng Deng project, in particular through the planning of activities planned under the project…


The OC Deng Deng project aims to strengthen the sustainable farming systems of local communities in order to limit deforestation linked to agriculture in Deng Deng National Park. It is funded by IUCN through the Biodiversity and Protected Areas Management Programme Action Fund (BIOPAMA), financed by the EU, represented by the European Commission, Directorate General for Development and Cooperation, EuropeAid. Implemented in the Eastern Region, in the Lom et Djerem department, this project will run for 18 months. It will cover 3 villages in the arrondissements of Belabo and Betaré Oya. These villages bordering the PNDD, which include Tête d’éléphant, Lom 2 and Liguim, have been targeted due to the high concentration of deforestation alerts due to agriculture.

Furthermore, in 2017, the IUCN-led evaluation of PNDD management using the IMET tool (planning, monitoring and evaluation tool for protected areas) already showed the existence of crop fields inside the park. Also, SAILD, which has been working with communities around the PNDD since 2019, has been carrying out actions aimed at strengthening park surveillance through the involvement of local riverside communities. Despite the various actions carried out by SAILD and the surveillance of the protected area by the conservation service, PNDD, which contains important species of great apes, continues to face numerous threats, including illicit agricultural activities. To address these threats, the OC Deng Deng project will help to rethink management approaches that meet the needs of conservation and the well-being of local populations.

Kelly Ketchang

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