Logo des 35 ans du saild


Logo des 35 ans du saild


The rural sector: a pillar of development

SAILD is a not-for-profit NGO founded in 1988. Its general secretariat is in Yaoundé, Cameroon. SAILD has 3 programmes namely: Communication, Food Security and Nutrition, Natural Resource Management. Its tools are La Voix Du Paysan and the Centre de Documentation pour le Développement Rural (CDDR).

Our organisation

The Board of Directors and the General Assembly are Saild's main bodies.

Thaddée YOSSA

Vice President

Hozier NANA

General Secretary




Internal Controller

Thaddée YOSSA

Vice Président

Hozier NANA

Secrétaire Général


Cntrôleur Interne



A Vision

The advent of a fairer, more united and more dignified world

A Mission

SAILD aims to help improve farmers’ living conditions and strengthen the economic and organisational components of the farmers’ movement.

A Purpose

SAILD’s mission is to promote the status of farmers. It directs its actions towards the development of the socio-economic forces of the peasants, to rebalance social forces in favour of the peasants

Our team

Diverse, dynamic profiles working to achieve our objectives

SAILD’s strategy is based on an approach built around the following principles:

– Helping farmers to create original syntheses from endogenous and exogenous resources, to build a strategy based on their environment and their own objectives.

– Prioritise support for farmers to help them make a detailed, forward-looking analysis of what is happening in and around their environment, at local, national and international level.

-Support farmers in producing key ideas (concepts, their own visions) likely to guide and, ideally, found a genuine farmers’ movement.

-Supporting farmers to help them identify the key mobilising challenges; those that really drive people to show solidarity, to stand together in the face of the challenges that will form the basis for building joint social action.

SAILD’s operational approach is based on two fundamental principles:

-the ability to immerse oneself in the operating environment;

people-centred development.

Our actions are based on local presence throughout the country and the systematic involvement of local communities. SAILD is present in all regions of Cameroon, with efficient local teams able to better understand the endogenous dynamics of communities.

Saild's strategy for the five-year period 2017 - 2021


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