The Farmer's Voice AGRIC AWARDS is understood as the awards for agriculture promoted by The Farmer's Voice.

The Farmer's Voice AGRIC AWARDS is:

-recognition of excellence in the rural environment

-the reward of effort and merit

-a basis for sharing and disseminating knowledge

A gala evening to celebrate the agro-pastoral sector.

The Farùer's Voice AGRIC AWARDS are presented during a gala dinner each year, preceded by a media campaign aimed at informing and mobilising the public and stakeholders, for a broad participation in all phases, from the selection to the awarding of the prizes (a diploma, a trophy, a bonus).

Excellence in agriculture is the result of a known path (after several campaigns or production cycles).


Overall, the Awards want to contribute to the improvement of the consideration of the actors of the agricultural, pastoral and forestry sector.

More specifically, the Awards contribute to:

-celebrating the rural world

-rewarding the best actors in the sector

-Strengthen exchanges between the actors in the sector