Agroecology is about producing food while preserving the land that feeds it and the people who work it. More than a practice, it is a way of life. It integrates a set of agricultural practices based on the use of elements available in nature to develop agro-pastoral production while preserving the soil and the environment as a whole.

Since 2017, SAILD has been working in the Far North and East regions with disadvantaged population for the implementation of agroecology in their agricultural and nutritional practices. While waiting for a national strategy to promote sustainable agriculture, SAILD produces and disseminates information on the relevance of agroecology in the farming environment.


Training of small-scale family farmers on appropriate farming systems

Training of small family farmers on sustainable land management

Valuation of farmers' knowledge and local seeds

Support for the acquisition of means of production / processing / conservation

Socio-political advocacy for agroecology

National networking for agroecology

5000+ small family farmers supported

30+ villages in the East and Far North regions reached


With the funding by the german organization Bread for the World, SAILD has enabled producers to adopt agroecological practices.

SAILD promotes the production and consumption of high nutritional value foods in 21 villages in Cameroon.

With the support of Bread for the World, SAILD has enabled small producers to adopt agroecological practices.