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EAST-Cameroon: More than 100 beneficiaries of agroecological skills training attended

From June 24 to 29, 2024, SAILD monitored farmers benefiting from training in agroecological production techniques in the villages of Tête d’éléphant, Liguim and Lom 1 in East Cameroon.

In order to monitor the agroecological production activities practiced on the farms of local communities bordering the Deng Deng National Park (PNDD), beneficiaries of the OC-Deng-Deng project, one of whose objectives is to strengthen the communities farming systems with agroecological practices, the Support Service for Local Development Initiatives (SAILD) spent six (06) days alongside the populations of the Tête d’éléphant, Liguim and Lom 1 villages, in the Lom-et-Djerem department of East Cameroon. During this stay, 109 beneficiaries of the training in agroecological production techniques were assessed to see their level of adoption of the practices learned.

Integrated agroecological practices

The results are promising. Agroecological production techniques recorded on these farms include crop association, agroforestry, cultivation on permanent ridges and the use of bio-insect repellents. “I sprayed the chilli-based bio-insect repellent in my maize field attacked by army worm as recommended. After one spray, the disease was stopped and the maize plants in the field developed better than in previous years”, says Moussa Pierre, beneficiary at Tête d’éléphant village.

Like him, three other beneficiaries from the Liguim and Lom1 villages who had used the insect repellent reported the same result. However, the technique of producing organic fertilizer by vermicomposting has not been adopted in these communities due to the low production of organic waste by households, added to which is the discouragement of populations who claim to have fertile soils. As for cultivation on permanent ridges, although it has been recorded, it remains little practised and only the owners of the agricultural plots where the demonstration was carried out have adopted it.

In all three villages, agroecological production techniques are gradually being introduced, and within a few years will be the dominant production techniques in these localities. Aristide Tchounkeu, agricultural manager of the OC-Deng Deng project, entitled “Optimizing the conservation of Deng Deng National Park by strengthening the capacities of local communities in agroecological practices“, initiated by SAILD and funded by IUCN through the BIOPAMA program, is pleased with this development.


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