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SAILD campaigns for sustainable cocoa without deforestation in Cameroon

SAILD organized a civil society workshop on deforestation-free sustainable cocoa in Cameroon from May 16 to 17, 2024 in Yaounde. Improving understanding and harmonizing the intervention of Cameroonian civil society on the themes of zero deforestation and sustainable cocoa, is the objective of this workshop held from May 16 to 17, 2024. Support Service for […]

Eastern Cameroon: SAILD trains 109 farmers in Agroecology

Farmers from the villages of Tête d’Eléphant, Liguim and Lom 1 received ten days training in sustainable farming techniques. From April 23 to May 02, 2024, 109 people (33, 21 and 55 respectively) from the Liguim, tête éléphant and Lom1 villages in the Lom-et-Djerem department of the East Cameroon have benefited from training in agroecological […]

SAILD shares its agricultural advisory tools and methods

From April 24 to 25, 2024, SAILD took part in a workshop on innovative agricultural advisory methods and tools at the conference room of Jean 23 de Mvolye center in Yaounde. Identifying relevant approaches to agricultural advisory services, for scaling up agricultural innovations: this is the aim of a workshop organized by the Cameroonian  Forum […]

Scaling up agroecology in Cameroon

This was the main resolution to emerge from a two-day meeting of SAILD staff in Kribi, Southern Cameroon, to reflect on its approach to promoting agroecology in Cameroon. As part of its year-end 2023 activities, the entire SAILD team, including staff from the Far North and East Cameroon branches, met in Kribi on December 19 […]

Cameroon has its first agroecology promotion network

It is the result of an exciting and participatory process, fueled by the determination of Cameroon’s civil society players to set up a framework favorable to the promotion of agroecology with a view to food sovereignty, the protection of biodiversity and the fight against climate change. The constitutive general assembly of the Network for the […]

Setting up an agricultural project

“The Farmer’s Voice” N° 295, has just been published and is available from your local newsagents and LVDP offices. Price 300 F. Subscription: 3000 F/year paper version, 5000 F/year electronic version   –Development framework, – Market research, – Business plan, – Where to find financing, Example of a project

Major cassava paste marketing centers

Thanks to its growing economic importance, cassava paste has carved out a place for itself among speculations with high economic potential. Its reputation has now spread beyond rural areas.   In Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, the sale of manioc tubers is well known. For some time now, we’ve had to reckon with cassava paste.Cassava […]

Watermelon production

‘’I’ve been growing watermelons for about twenty years. My father was already producing them before me, and it was he who introduced me to this crop.     I then trained at the Bagam Farm School in the west of the country. I myself have become a trainer for those who take up this simple […]


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