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Civil society develops its strategy to promote agroecology in Cameroon

It took 2 days of work for some twenty civil society organizations meeting in Kribi, in the southern Cameroon region, to define relevant strategic orientations for promoting agroecology in Cameroon.

On May 23 and 24, 2023, Cameroonian NGOs working in favor of agroecology in Cameroon met to devise a strategy for promoting agroecology. Following on from the various reflections on agroecology initiated several months ago by stakeholders, the Kribi workshop provided an opportunity to review the main recommendations of previous meetings.

What can be done to promote agroecology in Cameroon? This was the question guiding the meeting. During the course of the meeting, the participants defined the strategic axes and the main related actions. At the end of intense discussions, the participants defined three main strategic axes, including the structuring of an agroecology promotion network, capacity building for players and influencing policies. The question of financing agroecology was also a sticking point in the discussions between the participants.

The workshop, organized by SAILD with financial support from the Full Circle Foundation, further strengthened the momentum for concerted action on agro-ecological issues. At the end of the workshop, participants agreed to deepen their reflections in order to produce a relevant strategy document adapted to the context of Cameroon and the Congo Basin as a whole.

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