SAILD has set up a studies and services entity in order to perpetuate its action.


-Value the potential and experience accumulated by SAILD in the framework of activities oriented towards rural development in the Central African sub-region;

-Strengthen the self-financing of SAILD

Our approach

To channel and capitalise on all the experience already acquired, at the level of the rural and agricultural environment as well as on its technical and management issues.

Intervene for the benefit of farmers' and rural organisations and other interested national and international companies, mainly through the sale of its services and advice.

Competitive products

-Structuring of professional organisations (institutional support)

-Technical and thematic training (agriculture, breeding...)

-Management training (stocks, finance...)

-Institutional diagnosis

-Decision support for the development of economic activities (feasibility studies, impact studies, management tools, capitalisation, etc.)

Our strengths

-More than 30 years of experience in rural areas in the fields of animation, training, participatory research, structuring of the environment, design, study, implementation and monitoring of projects...

-a team of experienced experts