Social safety nets through cash for work

Social safety nets are a set of non-contributory transfer programs that generally target people in chronic or transitory poverty and vulnerable groups to help improve their living conditions and protect them from shocks.

They have positive short-term effects and a positive medium-term impact on beneficiaries because they allow:

- to make generally non-contributory transfers available to them,

- facilitate their access to health and education services and

- encourage them to undertake economic development or income-generating activities.

Under the World Bank-funded Social Nets Project in Cameroon, SAILD is implementing the third component: Labor-intensive public works. Thus since 2016, SAILD is the technical partner for the implementation of Cash For Work.

Cash for work consists of the execution of work in return for a fee. It allows:

- to open up and sanitize the targeted councils through works carried out by the beneficiaries;

- to contribute to the creation of relatively stable jobs for vulnerable people thanks to the remuneration received;

- to remain with an equipment for the work of communities.


Identification, study and validation of community micro projects

Targeting and registration of beneficiaries

Organization and planning of work

Supervision of the execution of micro projects

Implementation of environmental and social safeguards

Setting up of temporary nurseries at THIMO work sites

Payment supervision

Organization of the delivery of the micro projects and the handover of the material

47500 beneficiaries reached in 22 councils

374 micro projects completed

Supervision du paiement de plus de 3 milliards de FCFA