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Food security and nutrition

Food security and nutrition are one of the fundamental themes determining the deployment of the SAILD. This is motivated by the situation in rural areas, where a significant proportion of the population still suffers from food insufficiency and malnutrition.

This SAILD sectoral program aims to improve access for rural populations and communities to sufficient, quality food through the promotion and extension of good agropastoral practices.

The areas of intervention of the Food Security and Nutrition program include: promotion of family farming, governance of food security, agricultural production, nutritional education.

In this way, we contribute to building resilience to food insecurity and malnutrition by promoting and training communities in good agricultural and nutrition practices, and by advocating on behalf of farmers and family farming.

SAILD also supports communities in the development of income-generating activities to effectively combat poverty, through awareness-raising on infrastructure sustainability and technical supervision of projects.

Our projects / Actions

Extension of high nutritional value foods (soya) in 10 regions of Far North Cameroon

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Supporting farmer's forestry committees and local committees in monitoring the development and management of forestry and wildlife revenues in Cameroon

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Forest monitoring by communities and civil society organisations using mobile technologies

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Nos projets/Actions

Mise En Place D'un Système De Vérification Communautaire De La Légalité Du Bois Des Forêts Communautaires Au Cameroun (SVCL)

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Suivi des forêts par les communautés et les organisations de la société civile à travers lestechnologies mobiles

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Accompagnement des comités paysans-forêts et comités riverains au suivi de l'aménagement et la gestion des revenus forestiers et faunique au Cameroun

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