The Farmer's Voice

Rural Entrepreneur Monthly

Identity card

Birth : Newspaper founded in 1988

Order No. 369/A/MINAT/BAF/SDLP authorising the publication of a journal of 18 October 1989 signed by Ibrahim Mbombo Njoya.

- Publisher : SAILD (ONG)

Director of publication : Bernard NJONGA

Mission :

To popularise and even democratise information, especially that which supports the most vulnerable farmers/strata in their economic, social and cultural development; to influence policy decisions and hold decision-makers to account.

Editorial line :

Information, training and debate on the rural world. Non-political, non-confessional and non-tribal newspaper.

Periodicity : Monthly

Also published in French:

La Voix Du Paysan

Main headings :

Editorial, Mail, Technical information, Shared experiences, In practice, Economic information, Echoes of the markets, Good to know, Society, News, My beautiful village, Report, Health/Nutrition, Portraits

Printing :

20,000 copies (120,000 readers. A newspaper is read on average by 6 people according to the 2015 survey)

Subscribers :

12,000 subscribers served in Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Benin, Ivory Coast, France, Belgium, Germany, Canada, USA.


Adress :

P.O Box 11 955 Yaounde - Cameroon
1087 Mengue Tsogo Street, Elig Essono (next to JACO Building),
Tel +(237) 222 22 46 82 / 242 14 56 54 – Fax : +(237) 222 22 51 62,
Email :

The delivery system

- Autonomous broadcasting serviceabonné EN2

The Farmer's Voice is not distributed through the conventional mail system. It has set up its own distribution network which allows it to reach its readers even in the far reaches of the national triangle.

abonné EN2- Proximity dissemination based on the spider's web

The broadcasters cover the national triangle, with each regional capital hosting a regional office of The Farmer's Voice. The people in charge of the regional offices use the relays to go as far as possible to the village.

Reading clubs set up in some villages and in farmers' groups are used to pass on the messages of The Farmer's Voice. Illiteracy in the rural environment is the reason.


The readership of The Farmer's Voice is quite scattered. It is mainly drawn from producers, agro-pastoral entrepreneurs and all operators who have a relationship with the rural environment. Development organisations and other economic operators in the agro-pastoral sector are not left out. Even the authorities and elites are interested.