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Major cassava paste marketing centers

Thanks to its growing economic importance, cassava paste has carved out a place for itself among speculations with high economic potential. Its reputation has now spread beyond rural areas.


In Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon, the sale of manioc tubers is well known. For some time now, we’ve had to reckon with cassava paste.
Cassava paste is sold at the Mvog-Mbi, Essos and Mokolo markets. In the city center, this product can be found very early in the morning at the small market known as Pont de la gare.
The cassava paste sold on these markets comes from surrounding localities in the Centre region, such as Ngoumou, Eséka, Makak, Obala, Batschenga and Akonolinga. Buyers include retailers, processors and restaurateurs.
There are many uses for this ingredient. It’s used to make the cassava stick so widely consumed in Central Africa, to produce cassava flour for foufou, gari or tapioca, and even starch.

Douala, a hub of activity

Douala is home to Cameroon’s largest cassava paste market. It adjoins the economic capital’s central market, in a place called “Marché des chèvres”. It’s a veritable hub for the cassava paste trade, open day and night.
The product sold here comes mainly from the Littoral, more precisely from the Moungo area. The market supplies the entire coastal region, as well as neighboring countries such as Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.
The range of buyers is much the same as in Yaoundé, with the addition of local agro-industries.
In addition to Douala’s central market, the small Bassa market in Ndokoti is also a selling point for cassava paste.
In addition to all these permanent markets in the big cities, buyers also acquire this product from the periodic markets in the Moungo area (Penda-Mboko, Melong, Baré) and even directly from cooperatives that collect cassava paste from their members.
Cassava has a bright future ahead of it. Its consumption is growing daily.

Source: LVDP N° 247 – December 2011

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