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Nkoelon village on the road to agroecology

From May 9 to 13, the people of Nkoelon benefited from support aimed not only at reinforcing the adoption of agroecological practices, but also at improving the daily lives of the village’s farmers.

From May 9 to 13, the Service d’Appui aux Initiatives Locales de Développement (SAILD) distributed support to the village of Nkoélon. With women and men singing and dancing, the beneficiaries of the project supported by GEF small grants – the community and three associations of Nkoélon – were delighted to receive two grinding mills and several goats. A timely gift for the people of this village, who had to travel miles to process the cassava, maize, soya and peanuts produced in the area. The beneficiaries were made aware of the importance of good management of the support. They will have to save each month for the needs of the machine. A manager has been appointed for this purpose. The goats received will contribute to dietary diversity by providing animal protein. The goats’ droppings will also be used to produce highly effective organic manure for fertilizing the fields.

Following the handover of support, the SAILD team monitored agroecological practices in the fields. Two fields were visited, that of Mr Ndongo and Mr Diba. Both had benefited from agro-ecology training provided by SAILD, as well as agricultural equipment and seeds for soy beans and safour. During this follow-up visit, the team was able to observe that the individual fields had been set up and the two farmers had implemented 3 agroecological practices: tree planting, crop association, and the manufacture of bio-pesticides to treat the crops. To combat rodents, model barriers were built. The application of these agroecological practices by Nkoelon producers will ensure food security and better preserve biodiversity and the environment. According to Ndongo, SAILD focal point, who is very pleased and appreciative of SAILD’s initiative, “there is a difference between SAILD and other NGOs. SAILD doesn’t just give donations, it accompanies the beneficiaries throughout the project”..

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