The sustainable and competitive agriculture programme supports integrated, continuous and competitive family farms as well as promising agricultural value chains and farming systems.


the programme aims at:

-promoting the integral development of farmers (the "being" aspect)

-Supporting farmers to ensure the improvement, diversification and continuity of income and agricultural production on family farms

-Supporting farmers to promote and take control of value chains and farming systems in rural communities

- enhancing the value of the farmers' know-how.

Modalities of intervention

-Support for promising sectors and farming systems

-Promotion of family farms and training of farmers

-Promoting farmer innovations

-Support for endogenous facilitators

-Training of farmers by farmers

-Support for reflection on land management.

Operational approach

-Identify the area of intervention

-Identify a partner community

-Identify partner producers

-Organize a workshop of integral reflection-training of farmers

-Ensure an initial technical support mission to better formulate the actor's project

-Train local facilitators to ensure follow-up

-Carrying out follow-up/accompaniment of producers

-Organise inter-producer exchanges

-Organise open days

-Credit, marketing, monitoring by area

Organise self-evaluation of the activity.