The environment and forest programme was developed by SAILD in the context of the need for better management of forest resources and preservation of the environment.


The programme works for the management of natural resources in general and forestry in particular for the socio-economic well-being of the population and the promotion of a more responsible management of the environment.


The programme strategy has two levels.

At the level of decision-makers, it consists of acting on decision-making bodies through advocacy and lobbying so as to encourage the establishment of policies that are favourable to a better consideration of the socio-cultural rights of local and indigenous populations and of environmental issues.

At the level of implementation, it consists of acting on the actors implementing the policies by accompanying, monitoring and denouncing acts contrary to the policies. This action could lead to amendments to existing policies in this area.

Areas of intervention

Our interventions focus on all the fields of activities likely to impact the socio-environmental and economic balance of the forest, but also any activity whose impact on the local, national, regional and global environment is undeniable. Specifically, we intervene in :
- Conducting environmental and social impact studies and audits;
- Forestry (industrial forestry, forest management, etc.) and the current major environmental and forestry issues (REDD+, FLEGT, forest certification, PSFE, etc.);
- Forest governance ;
- Land issues ;
- mines.