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SAILD in Njamga: farmers receive seminar in agroecology

On March 14, 2024, the Support Service for Local Development Initiatives  (SAILD) organized a training seminar on the manufacture of organic fertilizers in the Njamga district of Bangoulap, Bangangté commune, Ndé department, West Cameroon region. The activity is part of the German Cooperation’s “Knowledge Center for Organic Agriculture and Agroecology in Africa” project, which aims to bring agroecological knowledge to rural populations.

Making tithonia purin enriched with chicken droppings: this was the module that brought together some twenty multipliers and farmers to meet master trainer William Ngouagni on March 14th in Njamga. The workshop was attended by Modeste Irénée Bidima, representing Saild, and His Majesty Martin Ngamga, chief of the village of Njamga 2.

After a theoretical phase to better edify participants on the properties and advantages of tithonia purin, it was time for the practical part, which enabled learners to get their hands dirty. The session, which closed with a series of questions and answers for further information, was much appreciated by all.

« We learned a lot. I was impressed by the training we received, particularly on organic fertilizers. It’s very important because we’re in a rural area and I think this training has enriched us so that we can farm healthily and eat organic food. We’d like to say thank you »says Claude Kuidjeu, one of the participants.

The Chief of the Njamga 2 district was quick to congratulate the project, and promised to make the practices acquired during the training a permanent feature: “It was very interesting, and comes at just the right time, as it’s a plus for the village in terms of organic food consumption. We need to encourage more people to adopt agroecology. So we’re going to popularize these practices in meetings and associations. I’m very happy, I’d like to thank the people behind this initiative and I hope there will be more activities like this “confides Martin Ngamga.

It should be noted that these lessons were given by trainers who had benefited from agro-ecological training under the same Knowledge Center for Organic Agriculture and Agroecology in Africa project program last year.


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