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Scaling up agroecology in Cameroon

This was the main resolution to emerge from a two-day meeting of SAILD staff in Kribi, Southern Cameroon, to reflect on its approach to promoting agroecology in Cameroon.

As part of its year-end 2023 activities, the entire SAILD team, including staff from the Far North and East Cameroon branches, met in Kribi on December 19 and 20 for team building and a review of its actions to promote agroecology in Cameroon. Practical exercises and group work were organized not only to strengthen functional cohesion between staff members, but above all to highlight the connection between SAILD’s vision and mission and agroecology. Through a review of the ten agro-ecology projects implemented by SAILD over the course of 2023, a self-assessment of SAILD’s overall contribution was made, and each team member was invited to examine his or her personal contribution to this theme, which is now one of SAILD’s guiding threads. “We are convinced that agro-ecology is a means of achieving our mission, so each member of staff, according to his or her skills, should contribute both in terms of direct action and influencing public policy”, SAILD’s General Secretary said at the end of the first two days in Kribi.

Following the workshop, an immersion visit to the Bagyeli community in Nyamabande village, fifty kilometers from Kribi, was organized on December 21, 2023, led by an expert in indigenous peoples. This field trip provided an opportunity to get a close-up view of the realities and difficulties of the way of life of these indigenous peoples, geographically wedged between the Campo Ma’an national park and the Hevecam plantations. Through a four-kilometres trek through the forest, the SAILD team was able to understand how agroecology is integrated into the practices of the forest’s indigenous peoples.



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