Our strategy

SAILD strategy is based on an approach built around the following principles:

- Helping farmers to create original syntheses from endogenous and exogenous resources, to build a strategy according to their environment and their own objectives.

- Focus on support to farmers to help them make a detailed and prospective analysis of what is happening in and around their environment, at local, national and international levels.

-Accompanying farmers in the production of key ideas (concepts, own visions) that can guide and, ideally, found a real farmers movement.

-Support to farmers to help them identify the mobilising challenges of reference; those that really push people to be in solidarity, to be together in the face of challenges that will be the basis for the construction of a common social action.

Operational approach

The operational approach of SAILD is based on two fundamental pillars:

-the ability to immerse oneself in the operating environment;

-Person-centred development.

Thus, our actions are based on a local settlement at the national level and the systematic participation of the local communities. SAILD is present in all regions of Cameroon with local teams capable of better understanding the endogenous community dynamics.

SAILD strategy for the five-year period 2017-2021 is presented in this document.