The programme is intended to be a tool for strengthening the farming movement in its associative and functional life. The farming movement is a political, economic and social force that is positioning itself as a player on the social scene. It must be given multiform support to achieve its social project.


-Strengthening the institutional autonomy of farmers' organisations

-Promoting democratic life in farmers' organisations

-Strengthening the social foundations of organisational buildings

-To support and sustain farmers' umbrella organisations in their trade union and political role

-Strengthen the capacities of farmers' organisations to define, guide and negotiate development strategies

-Promoting gender mainstreaming in farmers' organisations

-Support and assist farmers' organisations in setting up effective communication systems

-Inspire and strengthen a national and sub-regional farmers' movement

Strategic options 

-An associative approach based on individual membership: it is an organisation in which each member is individually committed with duties and rights. He is now known and clearly identified individually.

-Area approach: As FOs can occupy larger areas than our intervention areas, SAILD will support FOs to negotiate with other stakeholders. In addition, we can now only support areas with at least 100 members. However, SAILD will support in some specific cases FOs to raise awareness to achieve this goal.

-Organisation around general activities or services: In the associative approach based on individual membership, the functions of marketing, input supply, activity financing system, training and communication are those around which the associative dimension, and therefore the group dynamic, is strengthened. Since these activities are beneficial to members collectively and individually, they constitute a strong bond between members and should therefore be the first activities of the association once it is created.