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The BIOPAMA project at the heart of reflections at SAILD

The project to optimize conservation of Deng Deng National Park through capacity building of local riverside communities in agroecological practices was the focus of discussions at a monitoring and evaluation meeting on Saturday, May 11, 2024

The main item on the agenda was to review the progress and financial monitoring of the project to optimize conservation of the Deng Deng National Park by strengthening the capacities of local riverside communities in agroecological practices, implemented by SAILD and financed by BIOPAMA with the support of the European Union and the Organization of ACP 2 States. The meeting took place in the meeting room of SAILD (Support service for Local Development Initiatives) in the Elig-Essono district of Yaounde.

SAILD’s Secretary General, Hozier Nana Chimi, gave a brief presentation of the organization. He reviewed the organization’s history, as well as the key activities already carried out. He also highlighted SAILD’s leading role in various fields, affirming the institution’s influence and credibility on issues such as agroecology and community support.

Following this, Ali Koulibali, representative of the BIOPAMA project at this working session, expressed his gratitude to SAILD for the warm welcome. He briefly reviewed the activities carried out in Cameroon since his arrival, in particular the IMET training of students from the University of Dschang and the other BIOPAMA projects visited in Limbe and Yingui.

Satisfactory progress

The session continued with a presentation of the BIOPAMA project’s progress by the monitoring and evaluation manager. She recalled the context of the project, its main objective, its duration and its place of implementation, while emphasizing the results expected from the project and those already achieved; the activities carried out and those in progress. He concluded by presenting some of the project’s current impacts, and the interest shown in new technical partners. Challenges related to project implementation were also discussed. A presentation of the report on the diagnostic study of the Deng Deng National Park landscape was also made by the project’s agricultural manager, who dwelt on the objectives of the study, the main results obtained and the main conclusions.

These presentations ended with a question-and-answer session between the project implementation team and the BIOPAMA project team. During this consultation phase, it was noted that the participation of women and young people in IGAs is crucial to ensure the sustainability of the project, underlining the importance of their involvement in all stages of the process. Although a few shortcomings were mentioned, the outcome of the meeting was a very satisfactory assessment of the progress made in implementing the project to optimize conservation in Deng Deng National Park by building the capacity of local riverside communities in agro-ecological practices.


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