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West Cameroon: More than 300 books for pupils in Malentouen

On June 06, 2024, the CDDR-SAILD installed classroom libraries at Yakue Dorothée school group, Malentouen.

The school in the Noun department, in the West region of Cameroon, has received over 300 books for pupils in the French and English-speaking cycles. The books were donated by the Rural Development Documentation Center of the Support Service for Local Development Initiatives (CDDR-SAILD) team.

It’s yet another initiative in the “One class, one library” program, and one that the head of the school and the teaching staff wholeheartedly applauded. It was also an opportunity to encourage the efforts of these brave learners. Some forty pupils from the Yakue Dorothée school group in Malentouen were awarded prizes for their excellent academic results. In the future, these class libraries will enable these schoolchildren to attach greater importance to reading.

With the aim of equipping nursery and elementary school in rural areas with small classroom libraries, over the past ten years the program has installed classroom libraries in more than 150 elementary school in Cameroon. In addition, 61,000 books have already been made available to 41,000 pupils in rural schools.


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