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Women farmers from Ndemba village trained in soy-based nutrition.

For half a day, some twenty women from the village of Ndemba in the Eastern region gathered to learn how to incorporate soy into their meals.

It was exactly 10 a.m. in this small village in the Belabo district when the trainer of the day began demonstrating the preparation of soy-based dishes, including soy milk, yoghurt, flour, porridge, fritters and cakes. Stéphanie Akono guided the participants through the preparation of the various dishes: “In any soy preparation, you have to clean the soybeans by hand, toast them and then crush them,” she explained. Prior to this practical phase, the mothers present had first been edified on the nutritional benefits of soy for children under 5. “Soy is very rich in protein and vitamins, which are essential for healthy growth,” adds the trainer. A tasting session of the dishes concocted during the training was organized to the delight of the children.

The training was organized by SAILD as part of the “Agroecology for strengthening the food and nutritional security of small-scale farming families in the East and Far North regions of Cameroon” project, funded by the German NGO Bread for the World. Focusing on the benefits of foods with high nutritional value, the training is part of a program to build the capacities of vulnerable populations, with the aim of reducing malnutrition in the worst-affected regions.

Kelly Ketchang

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